Wearable Tech for Underprivileged

Providing Wearable Tech to Underprivileged Communities

Through technological innovation, Sports Ledger will create an initiative for young athletes around the world to better understand what is required to achieve their ambitions of becoming a professional athlete

– providing opportunity and an avenue through which to achieve their sporting dreams.

Budding sports stars from underprivileged backgrounds and locations from around the world can request and receive professional-grade biometric wearable technology from the Sports Ledger Foundation, combined with a unique profile integrated within the Sports Ledger application.
Through wearing this technology over a sustained period of time and simply having access to a GPS signal and a basic smart device, these young athletes will be able to record their daily sporting data outputs and performance to an unprecedented granular level of detail. This technology, which would be inaccessible for such underprivileged young athletes by any other means, will allow each individual to create a complete personal profile of their overall sporting ability.
In addition, the Sports Ledger Foundation will provide to each individual exclusive access to available complete performance passports of current top-level sporting athletes (the professionals they aspire to replicate). The Sports Ledger platform being accessible to these young potential superstars from around the world will provide each one of them a unique barometer within a ground-breaking platform to benchmark their own performance against – allowing them to understand, visually interpret and physically feel what it really takes to succeed.
Having this technology in combination with a platform where they can record and interpret their own sporting ability creates further opportunity for their own performance passport to be noticed by interested scouts, clubs and leagues around the world – facilitating a route towards a career as a professional athlete which would otherwise be completely unattainable. This will have a beneficial knock-on effect on their communities and encourage the nurturing of sporting talent as an aspirational goal for wellness and success.