Sports Stars Giving Back

Providing Sports Stars with an Opportunity to Give Back

By giving professional athletes the possibility of opening up their daily biometric sporting data passport to Sports Ledgers global community of users, professional athletes and sports stars around the world will create a new token economy

– where there will be an exchange of SPSL tokens for in-depth access to their own sporting digital data passport within their own sporting profile.

Fans, clubs, organisations and interested parties desperate to view their outputs on a day-to-day basis, will be able to use SPSL tokens in subscription models to follow and track their favourite players in all sports from around the world, creating a new level of fan-and-player engagement, and creating a new market for data from the sports professionals’ perspective. This subscription service will offer users and fans of the Sports Ledger platform a never before seen insight into the world of sports, through the daily sporting experiential outputs of their favourite elite athletes.
Part of the incentive for athletes and clubs to use the Sports Ledger platform and incorporate the Sports Ledger wearable technology into their day-to-day routine will be from the evident benefit of having a platform which will deliver a level of analysis on their sporting data currently unattainable, from tracking tools to performance metrics tailored to the athlete, viewable by the player and club in real time. But they will also benefit by creating new reward streams for the club, the player, and most significantly collective charitable initiatives.
When platform participants (users) use their SPSL tokens to view the athlete’s day-to- day passport output of digital data, rewards will be distributed to the player, to the club and also to their charitable organisation choice (or, if preferred, to the Sports Ledger Foundation).
This creates a win-win-win system which:
  • Incentivises the player to create, record and share the data (which is usually already being collected, albeit in centralised, legacy systems).
  • Incentivises the club to facilitate a greater bond between their players and their global user fan base with increased engagement through ground breaking services on top of additional rewards through co-operation.
  • Incentivises the fans to participate in an initiative which simply through participation gives back to charitable local and global communities.