Fundamental Control for Users

Giving Back Fundamental Control to the Users

The core services of the Sports Ledger platform will allow users to create enriched digital identities within a decentralised architecture. Users will be in complete control of the access they grant others to their profile.

Users will also control the type of information (such as advertisements) which they will receive, with complete ownership of their own profile of data. Each individual’s digital identity will be a private yet enriched data profile, encompassing behavioural analytics of the user created while using the services which the Sports Ledger platform delivers.

Until recently, society has accepted the centralised nature in which personal data has been owned and subsequently monetised by large corporations. By offering ‘free’ services embedded within digitally interactive platforms they acquired personal information including personalised digital behavioural patterns which are sold together with the right to communicate to these profiles. This value is epitomised in the billion-dollar revenues of mainstream social content sharing platforms, which offer their users a ‘free’ service but in which the user itself is effectively the product they sell. Captured within these centralised structures a user will fundamentally receive little to no reward for providing this rich source of data.
However, the true value of access to an individual’s data through their digital data profile is finally becoming recognised and acknowledged – even though solutions for alternative structures yet remain sparse.
By delivering an architecture which offers value through a user-inclusive, socially interactive platform and by harnessing the value of its core services tailored to the world of sports within a decentralised structure, Sports Ledger is able to create an ecosystem in which every user can now be rewarded directly for creating enriched digital identities – simply through participation – and providing access to their digital profile.
In contrast to many other platforms, the users of Sports Ledger will be able to tailor the messaging in the form of advertisements received from third party platform participants to their personal profile and be rewarded in SPSL tokens for allowing and viewing any tailored information they receive. The creation of this ecosystem has the potential to disintermediate the global sporting advertisement industry, currently worth $62 billion and create reward systems which bring value back to each user in the form of SPSL tokens, based on the marketing intelligence they create.